While making her stage debut at age 11, in The Ransom of Red Chief, Victoria Edwards found her calling. Once the lights hit and the music hummed, she never looked back. And now…we’ll just say a few years later, and after receiving her Bachelors Degree from the Indiana University School of Music, Victoria is becoming a compelling presence in cabaret. As a cabaret singer, Victoria has literally “lived the dream” by performing in many of NYC’s finest cabaret venues and working with the most talented musicians in the business.

Ms. Edwards’ cabarets present the audience with an intimate musical experience… the true joy of this genre! It continually invites the audience to share in the stories told and relive memories evoked by a beautiful song they once treasured. They may even fall in love with a new song or be overcome with laughter as they listen to an outrageously funny anecdote told between tunes. Each of Victoria’s shows has a different theme but all successfully combine fabulous musical selections, one-of-a-kind arrangements, touching sentiment, and genuinely funny moments that only real life can bring.

Her personality is like her voice: strong, vibrant, genuine, and unforgettable, and this is what has allowed Victoria to continue successfully in Cabaret and have happy audience members who return again and again to see her shows.


At home with both large and small audiences, Victoria has always looked forward to each chance to spread her wings as an artist. Whether it be commanding notice in regional theatre as the strong and persuasive Leading Player in Pippin or channeling “Valley of the Dolls” in the NYC cabaret, The Washed Up Blondes, this singer-actress has developed her unique and unforgettable talent in a variety of ways. But when it comes right down to it, she really likes to “bring it home” with her charismatic presence, dry humor, and sultry singing in cabaret. Her most recent cabaret, AFTER HOURS, debuted at DON’T TELL MAMA to a sold out audience